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    January 29, 2017 /  Tours & Travels

    Each year golfers spend millions of dollars on golf training aids, trying to find the magical cure that will suddenly catapult them into the golfer they always wanted to be. Generally abandoning their efforts two or three weeks later obtaining little or no positive results, so what is the answer?

    Being a fairly accomplished golfer myself I have often said invent a halfway sensible golf training aid, market it properly, and you will make millions. Golfers will buy anything if they believe it will help them play better. This really is the truth. So whats a golfer to do, what works and what doesnt? How do you know if youre buying the right training aid? These are valid questions and deserve valid answers.

    What is the answer? Do these training aids work, or are you just wasting your money? Yes, most do work to some degree, but how well, is often what is questionable. In trying to discover what works one needs to look toward the tour professionals and see what they are using. Tour pros know the game, they find out very quickly what works and what doesnt.

    I do see from time to time a lot different golf training aids but you find out quickly if their any good or not. They wont be around long if their not. So what are the training aids I see most often on tour? They are: Leader Board, Laser Line Putting aid, Balance Board, and the Putting Arch. The Leader Board is probably the number one training aid on tour, although you seldom see this at the course, it is quite common in the gym and at home. The Putting Arch is probably the number one putting aid followed close by the Laser Line Putter. Finally I see the Balance Board, if you want to become a good ball striker you must learn to maintain proper balance, this is an excellent tool for that.

    Finally, if youre looking for golf training aids to help your game, and dont want to waste time and money on item that just dont work. Look at what the tour pros use, you wont go wrong.

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